imlidraws (imlidraws) wrote,

Livestreaming :)

I often livestream - I draw in photoshop while I stream an image of my desktop, and chat with the people who come by. I usually only announce it on y!gallery.

But I think I'll try it here, too.

So that I don't spam people's f-list every time I start a stream, what I'll do is leave a comment on this journal. You can track that comment, and I'll reply to it whenever I begin a stream. That way it'll show up in your email or inbox.

If this doesn't work correctly, I'll come up with some other way to do it XD

But my livestream is here:

A warning: it is often NSFW, sometimes VERY NSFW. Also, check your volume before you click the link - I often listen to music, and sometimes the broadcaster plays it REALLY LOUD XD
Tags: digital art, livestreaming
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